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Safety Glasses-What You Need To Know

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) supervises the advancement of voluntary consensus requirements for products, services, processes, systems, and personnel in the United States.

The organization also synchronizes U.S. standards with international standards so that American products can be used worldwide. ANSI standards exist for almost everything and Safety Glasses are no exception.

Eye trauma can have devastating effects on a person. Anything from temporary sight impairment to permanent vision loss, blindness.

Prescription glasses can actually make matters worse during an accident. They offer no protection and can contribute to eye injury in terms of shattered or conglomerated debris impacting or entering the eye. If the debris is hot or molten this will simply make matters even worse.

This is why it’s so important to be wearing safety glasses over your prescription glasses in all appropriate situations.

Safety Glasses are designed and constructed to protect your eyes and vision from damage due to blunt force trauma through to hazardous liquids.

Workplace protection

A report released by Safety and Health in 2017 suggested that eye injuries in the workplace would be reduced by up to ninety percent if workers simply wore their safety glasses.

A few years back I witnessed an almost explosive injury caused by a worker we shall call Bob, who decided to remove his safety glasses before opening a large plastic gas can full of gas.

It was a hot day, we needed to refill the gas tanks of the machines we were using. Bob put the gas can onto the bed of our flatbed truck and tried to open the gas can. He failed.  For some reason, Bob removed his safety glasses and before anyone could say anything, he really turned on the gas cap to open the can.

He opened it, but in the process of opening the can his face moved closer to the cap of the gas can. As the can opened, it ‘burped’. Gas leaped up onto Bob’s face and eyes. He was in trouble.

Luckily, we were within a short walking distance of a fire station. Bob was led into the fire station and the crew inside were alerted to Bob’s problem.

A few of the fire crew led Bob to an eye wash station before Bob was sent to hospital for further treatment and a vision check. The prompt eye washing, on the part of the fire crew, saved Bob from serious damage to his eyesight.

The takeaway from Bob’s story? If you’re wearing safety glasses, especially over prescription glasses, do not remove them unless you know it is safe to do so, even if you are hot!


Over ten thousand people every year end up with firework related injuries. Sadly, many injuries are sustained by children.

Sparklers seem harmless but burn at about two thousand degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures high enough to melt some metals. Sparklers account for over Sparkler User With No Eye Protectionfourteen hundred eye injuries every year. One in four eye injuries to children from fireworks result in permanent vision loss. (You may want to read that last sentence at least one more time).

Safety glasses would have likely prevented each one of these eye injuries. If you or your child wear prescription glasses, hot sparklers will not be stopped by plastic lenses whereas safety glasses over them will help prevent a traumatic eye injury.

It’s always a great idea to wear safety glasses over your prescription frames, especially so when using fireworks.

At Home

According to the Academy of American Ophthalmology, almost one half of eye injuries occur in the home. Not around it, but actually in the home.

  • Cooking food that splatters hot grease or oil has caused eye injuries. Think bacon.
  • Opening champagne bottles is known to have a possible adverse effect once the cork is launched.
  • Ladies beware of those hot curling tongs; inadvertent eye contact has and will cause serious eye injury.
  • Screws and nails can become projectiles, and if you are not wearing safety glasses over your frames you will be sad.
  • Bleach, oven cleaner or other similar types of dangerous products in the home should be used with care. Think Bob.
  • Bungee cords. These really should not need to be explained.

The home can be a dangerous place for your eyes. Please make sure it’s a safe place. Before you pick up that hammer or drill, put on your safety glasses over your frames.

Hopefully you will never need to find out how pleased you will be that you did.

Yard work

The American Academy of Ophthalmology will always advise the use of Safety Glasses when performing yard work. This is especially important if you wear prescription frames.

Mowing the lawn, trimming trees and weed eating can all be hazardous to your eye health. The high working speed of the machines used for yard work has also led to the complete loss of an eye.

Removing safety guards from any of these machines has a possible impact not only upon the user but upon those nearby also.Lawn Mower

While working in the yard, trees or bushes can cause eye injury, while certain plants can give you fungal eye infections. Flying dirt will, at least, really hurt and could lead to bacterial infections of the eye.

If you are just wearing your prescription eye glasses, they will not afford protection and will become damaged. The repair of this damage will almost certainly cost far more than a pair of over the glasses safety glasses.

There is some kind of vine that grows in the lawn in my yard. If I do not wear my safety glasses over my prescription frames this vine will hurt my eyes every time I cut into it.

The vine releases some kind of chemical that really attacks the eyes and has in the past caused me to stumble to the water hose and wash out my eyes for many minutes.

I really do not know what this vine is but I treat it with respect by always making sure I am wearing my safety glasses over my eye glasses when I attack it.

Safety First

Safety Glasses have developed into one of the must have pieces of safety equipment in almost every aspect of work.

They are designed to protect your eyes from traumatic injury and to preserve your eyesight. Safety glasses over prescription glasses are different in one more respect, they also protect your prescription glasses and your pocketbook.

There really is no excuse for working without any form of eye protect nowadays. ANSI standard safety glasses are relatively cheap, easily available while providing a high amount of eye protection.Safety Glasses Eye Protection

This is a simple question and really only you can answer it.  If you were blinded today, how much money would you pay to have your eyesight restored? Whatever your answer in terms of money, a pair of safety glasses is probably cheaper.

Aim for zero accidents and be safe!


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  1. I found your article on safety glasses highly informative and learnt about how best ways to protect your eyes when your are doing different jobs.

    I think I need one when I am mowing the lawn.

    Thank you

    • Hey Rani!

      Pleased you found the post useful.

      Yard work is a known area for eye injuries.

      You would be well advised to wear a pair of safety glasses when performing yard work.


  2. Thank you so much for this highly informative article! As someone who has Keratoconus in both eyes and wears both glasses and contacts, it’s so important for me to take good care of my eyes (one bad accident, and I could go blind). I love the outdoors, and I often cut the grass, but I usually just wear my regular glasses and a visor-I see that I need to do much more. I really appreciate how thorough you were in your analysis of the subject matter, as our health in general is at the forefront of our minds today-we can’t afford to take any unnecessary risks. I have saved your site and will share it with my friends and family. God bless you!

    • I’m pleased you wear some kind of protection over your eyes while performing yard work. It may be an idea to wear safety glasses OTG over your regular glasses under your visor. A good pair of safety glasses will weigh less than two ounces and will give you an added layer of protection without hindering your view of things. I’m pleased you enjoyed reading this blog!


  3. Thank you so much for this article.
    A few points I have learned from here. Firstly, safety glasses can be used at home to protect your eyes from different activities. Using bleach, opening champagne bottles and cooking greasy food are just a few.

    Keep up the good work,


    • That’s very correct Yoana!

      In fact flying champagne corks have, over the years, claimed eyes.

      As you quite rightly point out, in the event of cooking food that splatters safety glasses or goggles will protect your eyesight also.

      Thank you for reading.



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