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Guardian Pro OTG with Gray Lens – Safety Glasses Review

When buying something online, have you ever wondered, “Will it fit?” I know I have. There’s a certain amount of anticipation concerning the arrival of the package, mixed with an amount of hope, hope that it’ll fit. There are companies in the world of safety glasses who understand the “Will it fit?” question.

Today we’ll be looking at a good, solid brand, called Guardian, that has gathered much attention and a following. People who wear the same brand of safety glasses over prescription frames for years, I call a following. One of the outstanding things about the pair of safety glasses we’ll be looking at is the sheer amount of value packed into the product. Let’s now take a look at the Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses.

Guardian Pro Over The Glasses Safety Glasses

Safety glasses, by their very nature have to look pretty much the same. They are designed to cover and protect our eyes and the long arms sit on our ears. Over the glasses safety glasses have to be a little larger in order to cover and protect our prescription glasses as well.

Nowadays, there are ways we can know, “Will it fit?” The Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses come in two different sizes. The first is large while the second is medium. Each of the frames are identical in design, together with coatings and functionality but will accommodate different sized prescription frames.

Guardian Pro OTG Large Safety Glasses

Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses – Large will fit over frames up to 5 3/8″ W x 1 7/8″ H (137mm X 47mm) This gives you a good choice in terms of a pair of OTG safety glasses fitting over, probably, most types of available prescription frames available on the market today.

If the large pair is simply way over the top for the size of prescription glasses you have then you should consider the Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses – Medium.

Guardian Pro OTG Medium Safety Glasses

This medium pair of OTG safety glasses will fit over frames up to 5 1/4″ W x 1 1/2″ H (132mm X 38mm) The difference is not huge but will make a difference between a loose fit as opposed to a good fit. In the event of an impact on your glasses the good fit will, of course, be better than a loose fit.


Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses – Additional features

One of the features of this range of safety glasses OTG that I particularly like is the complete protection they afford. The three hundred and sixty degree protection this pair of safety glasses has is almost trespassing onto goggle territory.

These safety glasses meet the ANSI Z87.1 standard and together with the gray tint they are supplied in are ideal for work such as fork lift driving, trucking, construction and others. This topic was covered in a previous post, “Best Tints For Work That Work Best” and the post “To Tint Or Not To Tint.”

Being made of poly carbonate, these frames are very light, weighing in at a barely noticeable one and a half ounces. The minimal extra weight of these safety glasses feel comfortable in no time.Weighs in at 1.5oz

The lenses themselves are UV400, a standard superior in ultra violet light blocking than similar European lenses complying with the European standard known as EN 1836:2005. European standards allows up to five percent of 380 nanometer rays to be transmitted through the lens. UV400 provides protection against ninety-nine to one hundred percent of UVA and UVB ultraviolet radiation.

The UV400 lens type is usually used in sunglasses, but here they are in safety glasses OTG! The standard is known as UV400 as it blocks all rays of light up to four hundred nanometers. According to some, this is considered to be the highest level of protection a lens can provide.

The lenses of the Guardian Pro OTG Glasses also have two additional standard features. The first works for me every time, a scratch resistant coating. No accidental scratching of the lenses! While not scratch proof, the scratch resistant lens coating is a definite plus and will help prolong the useful life of the safety glasses, which in the end means spending less money overall.

The second additional feature is an anti-fog coating. This coating alone is worth having, otherwise you’ll need to have a few anti-fog products available to you, as covered in the post “Anti-Fog Spray For Safety Glasses.” It’s always good to have a cleaning solution and microfiber cloth but with these safety glasses there shouldn’t be a need for an anti-fog spray as well.

To Sum It Up

The Guardian Pro Over The Glasses Safety Glasses:

  • Are available in two sizes, Medium and Large. Please measure your prescription frames before ordering.
  • Give three hundred and sixty degrees of protection.
  • Meet the ANSI Z87.1 safety standard.
  • Have a lightweight frame that weighs in at one point five ounces.
  • Provide UV400 protection, better than European standards. Also, used in sunglasses.
  • Are scratch resistant but not scratch proof.
  • Have an anti-fog coating.

Quite frankly, all of that simply sounds expensive. Amazingly however, at the time of writing, the Guardian Pro OTG Safety Glasses, both medium and large are available at $14.89 per pair, plus taxes and shipping.

If you’re looking to buy these gray safety glasses over prescription glasses in bulk for your crew, team, shop or factory there are two discount price points available.

As an added bonus, according to the manufacturer, these safety glasses can also be cleaned with mild soap and water.  They can be air dried or dried with a soft tissue, although I would recommend using a microfiber cloth, it’s your choice.

A good solid all around pair of safety glasses OTG that have a bunch of features at a reasonable price. These safety glasses over prescription frames can also be worn without having prescription frames under them, making the price points for bulk buying even more attractive.

I hope you have enjoyed this review of the “Guardian Pro Over The Glasses Safety Glasses” and found it to be useful.

If you have any comments or questions regarding this post, please feel free to leave me a comment below.

Aim for zero accidents and be safe!



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